What we do


and then some!


Everything has to start somewhere. Before it can be, it has to be thought of. It starts out as this small idea that we might have been inspired by someone from somewhere by something but as we pay more attention to it, it grows. As we add more creative things to it, it grows. As we think and rethink of how this idea can be, it grows. As we give it more color, more curves, more edges, it grows. Design is not static. It is not something we do and leave; it is something that evolves. When we have thought of everything possible, we rethink again.


Big or small, bugs exist. When we code something, we don’t code with the intention of eliminating every bug. Instead, we practice clean coding that way in the event of a bug, we can find it. We do not code something that has already been coded and done, in small words, we don’t reinvent the wheel. There are plenty of open source codes that we use. It does not only help our clients, but it allows for a better unified experience across the web. Easy updates and less bugs!


It’s a big world out there. People from across the world access the web from various devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc. Wouldn’t you want something that looks as good on the small screen as it does on the BIG screen? This is where responsive coding comes in. Adjust your browsers and watch how our website automatically readjusts itself. When we code something, we code for all devices, both big and small. We test and retest for bugs (and we crush them!).


Waiting, waiting, waiting. Nobody likes to wait for your page to load. In fact, 40% of people will abandon your site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. We make sure we optimize all our documents, images, coding, etc. to minimize size and increase load speeds. Oh and in case you’re big on search engine rankings, page loading time is becoming a more important factor.


When we design a logo, we keep in mind where and who will view it. In today’s digital age, we sometimes find ourselves fighting to change our logo size or reformat it to fit on the smallest device hence why we are shifting our gears to Icon Font Logos. We focus on simple but bold methodology, with curves and edges, and simple solid colors.


Images, are a thing of the past! (Well, almost, we still rely and need them). In an effort to increase page load times, and for other cool reasons, we have started using and relying on Font Icons. Why is this better? Well, it allows us to be very flexible. We can scale the vector icon to 300x its size and it’ll remain crisp and clean. Since our icons are technically a font, they load very fast and allow them to be very accessible.

Business Card

First look is everything. In the era of Social Media and connectivity, it’s easy to get connected but it’s that much easier to get lost. The net has millions of information so your brand can easily vanish. Having an effective business card can portray your brand personality not just your contact info. We will incorporate your logo and contact info to make your card standout! We design print-ready cards for services such as vistaprint.

Old But Gold

​We go back to old school traditions - heavy graphics-intensive website with your traditional fixed width design; a standard 960-pixels or 760-pixels wide is used. This is not responsive; however, it allows for more control of how the website looks and feels in terms of aesthetics. Plus, it looks great on full display screens such as laptops and desktops.

Start Up

Ever feel lost? Well, you’re not the only one. Starting an online site can be very confusing but luckily you have us. We will sit with you, one-on-one, and figure out what your needs and wants are and will take it from there. We will guide you and help you register your domain name, choose the right hosting plan, and set you up with a CMS. After that, we can talk about your logo, your site, and whatnot, you know, the whole nine yards.


Graphic is always evolving. You always find something new that you like, so we are here for you. You want to update the Icons or just a few CSS codes? Anything and everything in between. No job is too big for us, except those really big ones. We will help you when you need us and when you don’t. Basically, will be that one friend that everyone has but they don’t know how they met.